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Family Law Mediations in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Expert Guidance. Empowered Decisions. Realistic Outcomes.

Be Assisted by a Neutral Third Party

Avoid Costly Court Proceedings

You Decide Your

When you’re in the middle of a dispute, it can feel like your entire life is on hold.

The future is unclear and the lack of resolution is frustrating.

At O’Reilly Shaw Mediations you don’t have to undergo expensive and lengthy court proceedings.

Our aim is to help both parties explore options and work towards a realistic and sustainable outcome through mediation.

How O’Reilly Shaw Mediations will help:

High Resolution Rate

Even when disputes are complex and challenging, we have a very high success rate.

You Feel Comfortable and Informed

We keep you up to date throughout the process so that you know what to expect.

Upfront, Fixed Fee

Our fees are transparent and honest for your peace of mind.

Meet your accredited mediators

Louise O’Reilly

Mediator/Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Louise is a founding director of both O’Reilly Shaw Mediations and O’Reilly Shaw Lawyers, which is a highly respected Brisbane based family law practice servicing clients across Queensland.

A nationally accredited mediator and approved family dispute resolution practitioner, Louise has practiced as a solicitor since 2006 and has been an accredited family law specialist since 2015. She has been consistently recognised in the prestigious Doyles’ Guide since 2020.

Highly regarded in the industry for her tenacity and depth of expertise, Louise is a passionate mediator and lawyer, whose goal is to help families move through separation and divorce with dignity and respect. She promotes an approach which is child focussed in parenting cases, commercially viable in financial cases and positive and future focussed in all cases. She is empathetic and flexible, however will challenge clients where they need it.

Amy Ryan

Mediator/Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Amy is a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP), Nationally Accredited Mediator and a Family Law Accredited Specialist solicitor.

Amy has practiced in family law since 2005 and brings to her mediation practice:

  • extensive family law experience and expertise;
  • practical insights and problem solving;
  • commitment to resolution;
  • thorough preparation;
  • empathetic approach;
  • availability and prompt service;
  • adaptable process;
  • child inclusive mediation; and
  • international experience.
  • Amy is committed to empathetically supporting the self-determination of parties and assisting them to achieve their own resolution without unnecessary conflict or cost.

Here’s how it works:


Book a

Call us today to discuss how our mediation process can assist you.


Engage Effectively with a Neutral Third Party

Our structured mediation process makes everyone comfortable, prepared and equipped with the information they need to negotiate a resolution.


Get a

We are committed to help families find positive and realistic solutions in parenting and financial cases.

Our Fixed Fees

We understand the importance of fee certainty. Our mediation fees are provided up-front, and are fixed, so you know what your fees will be.


$200 (incl GST)

Where we are used to invite the other party to the mediation. If they refuse we can then issue a s601 certificate

Half Day Mediation

$1,650 (incl GST)

A half day mediation is up to 4 hours

Full Day Mediation

$2,750 (incl GST)

A full day mediation is up to 8 hours


$275 (incl GST)
For each spouse

Each spouse will have a separate intake session with the mediator online

Extra Time

$275 /per hour per party
(incl GST)

This will be charged if mediation exceeds half or full day allocation

Room Hire

At Cost

This cost is to be covered by the parties involved in the mediation. There will be no hire charge for use of our office space for the mediation.

What happens at mediation?

Mediation is a form of dispute resolution to help separating families come to their own agreements without the stress and expense of going to Court.

Free PDF:
What to Expect at Mediation (Property)
Free PDF:
What to Expect at Mediation/FDR (Parenting)
Free PDF:
What is Family Dispute Resolution

Our strategies and skills in dispute resolution help you to move on with your life.

Put an end to stressful and neverending negotiations.