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Industry Leading Family Lawyers

Keeping Your Business Functioning & Your Career Intact

Positive Problem Solving, Win/Win Outcomes

Divorce can be devastating, but the process doesn’t have to be.

An expert collaborative approach can minimise the emotional and financial toll, and the disruption to your career or business.
O’Reilly Shaw Family Lawyers specialise in working collaboratively with other family lawyers, wherever possible, to remove the necessity of an expensive court case and to find practical win/win solutions that allow each party to move on to the next chapter of their lives and achieve their goals.

Case Study

The ultimate win / win

  • Parties aged in their 50’s, with 2 adult children.
  • Thriving family business, complex business structure incl. companies & trusts.
  • Husband was creator of the product and the face of the company.
  • Wife worked behind the scenes in an administrative/accounts capacity.
   What the parties wanted
  • Husband wanted to keep the business & buy a beach house.
  • Wife wanted to move out of the business, buy a new home & have investments that would provide a generous income for the rest of her life.
   Collaborative approach
  • All parties, their lawyers, and their team of experts worked together to achieve what the parties wanted.
  • The lawyers workshopped the matter thoroughly and looked at settlement pathways from all possible angles, to achieve the out of box solution the parties desired.
  • The process took 9 months and included a series of roundtable discussions with the both parties’ lawyers, a 3rd party neutral forensic accountant and the business’ accountant.
  • Advice was provided to the parties by various experts, regarding tax matters, financial planning, and business planning.
  • Throughout the 9 months, the business continued to trade well, grow, and the parties were able to set and pursue their own individual goals.
   Not easy sailing
  • There were many roadblocks and tough conversations between the parties, yet the lawyers were committed to remaining focused, and thinking strategically and creatively.

Result: Both parties achieved exactly what they wanted, secured their futures, and avoided a long court case and blown out legal fees.

At O’Reilly Shaw Family Lawyers

What matters to you is our highest priority

Our aim is for you to be able to move on with dignity and ownership of the outcome.

You get the personalised service you deserve

We will work with you to find strategic and creative ways to achieve your goals.

You will have a high degree of price certainty —we fix our costs when we can

Transparent and honest billing.

What to expect at your first consultation with us:

Preliminary advice of what you can expect to achieve

A strategic plan to get your desired outcome

A fixed fee quote for the first stage of work

Here’s how it works:


Choose your lawyer


Book a consultation


Plan the pathway to

Louise O’Reilly

Strategic | Courageous | Flexible

Erin Shaw

Tenacious | Creative | Practical

Peace of mind knowing you are receiving expert advice

Both Erin and Louise are contributing editors to the Australian Master Family Law Guide. This is the preferred resource text book used by family lawyers, barristers & family court judges in Australia.

The publisher writes:“Reflecting the latest developments in family law legislations and cases, this book has been written by experts to help you work quickly and confidently to provide accurate advice.”

“The guide is easily digestible and gives professionals quick, up-to-date answers to their family law questions with expert commentary on principles and developments in family law legislation and cases.”


  • “When I was faced with a difficult family separation, Erin Shaw and her team were the right choice.”

  • “O’Reilly Shaw Lawyers provide expert advice in the area of Family Law. I was lucky to find them. Both Erin Shaw and Louise O’Reilly are empathetic, hard-working and knowledgeable. My dealings were mostly with Erin Shaw who was unavailable at one stage when Louise O’Reilly was able to step in and did an admirable job in filling in. I found Erin to be very sharp and able to answer my dumb questions with patience. Erin often knew what I was thinking before I did. My matter was completed successfully and with a minimum of friction and conflict. Thank you Erin Shaw and your team.”
  • “Erin was professional and knowledgeable in all family law matters. She balanced this with an approachable and compassionate manner – attending to any worries I had during the whole process. She imparts this same approach upon her team, who always greeted me with a smile and kindness.”
  • “I have no hesitation in recommended Louise O’Reilly and the team at O’Reilly Shaw Lawyers. Louise is a very professional and empathetic lawyer. She is incredibly knowledgeable and takes pride in delivering a high quality service.”
  • “As we worked through my extremely difficult family separation case, Erin listened and kept me level-headed when difficult decisions had to be made. I could put my trust in her advice and the directions we took.”
  • “My experience with O’Reilly Shaw Lawyers is incredibly difficult to sum up in a few words, however, in my experience, I found Louise and her team to be dedicated, passionate, professional, indispensable, flexible, always focused on attention to detail, professional in their manner of guidance to inform me of the best options available to take in resolving my matters. I will be forever grateful to Louise and her amazing team. I would not hesitate to recommend O’Reilly Shaw lawyers and have already done so.”
  • “Erin and her team were there right up to the very end to ensure that my children and myself had the best possible outcome. I am so grateful to Erin and her team for helping me move forward positively and financially secure.”
  • “Louise is what I would call a miracle maker is the family law Industry!!! She took ALL the stress out of my child custody and agreement orders. Her professionalism with my case was nothing but spectacular! She was always understanding and would listen to every matter/ concerned I had big or little. I will forever be grateful for her and her teams help. Even the small touches when everything was finalised were greatly appreciated.”
  • “Throughout this process, the O’Reilly Shaw team made me feel valued as an individual, they were very nurturing and supportive of me and the difficult situation I was in. It was comforting to have Louise take the reins at a very stressful and emotional time. My matter was a very complex financial matter and I had complete faith and confidence in Louise’s ability to manage these complexities, and her business knowledge and technical skills resulted in me achieving an outcome that was a good as I could have hoped for. I highly recommend Louise O’Reilly and her team.”
  • “I have no hesitation in highly recommending Erin Shaw and her team at O’Reilly Shaw Lawyers for any of your family law matters.”
  • “Going through a marriage breakdown is a stressful and emotional time, and the support, understanding and professionalism, provided by Louise O’Reilly and her team was first class. Louise provided balanced and considered advice throughout the entire process. I would have no hesitation in recommending Louise and her team to someone going through a similar situation.”
  • “I highly recommend Louise and Erin. Over my journey, I utilised both their services and found all parties to be very professional, thorough, yet respectful in dealing with sometimes delicate matters. Thank you again ladies.”
  • “Going through a separation is not pleasant. O’Reilly Shaw Family Law provided a very efficient and courteous service. Louise walked me through the process and made everything as stress-free as possible. Forms were simple to complete, communication was excellent and the timing was better than I had expected. Costs were all explained clearly and fees were charged honestly. My case was resolved efficiently and cost-effectively. Without question I would recommend O’Reilly Shaw Family Law. Thank you Louise for turning something I was fearing into a much easier and more positive process.”
  • “Following a personal recommendation to a family law specialist, I engaged O’Reilly Shaw Lawyers to handle my case. It was a difficult situation that I could not possibly advance or resolve myself. I always had full confidence in the way Louise handled my case. O’Reilly Shaw Lawyers regularly consulted with me and kept me informed in a personable, professional, courteous and respectful manner throughout the whole process. There were no hidden costs, as I was kept informed on a progressive basis throughout the engagement. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome, so pleased to reach a resolution and I am eternally grateful for the burden carried for me by Louise O’Reilly.”
  • “Erin – thank you so much for helping me through one of the most difficult times in my life.”

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