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Louise O'Reilly - Brisbane Family Lawyer

Louise O’Reilly

I am a Family Law Accredited Specialist and Collaborative lawyer, practising exclusively in family law.

Having been a lawyer for over 12 years, I have a commercial background and spent the early years of my career in commercial litigation, construction law and property law, including international arbitration matters at a top tier firm.

My experience as a lawyer has made me acutely aware of the effect conflict has on a person’s life, on their family, and their health and career.  I assist my clients to avoid unnecessary conflict by using methods of dispute resolution including mediation, and collaborative practice. However, if the matter is unable to be resolved I am well equipped to represent my clients in arbitration or litigation.

My clients regularly include small to medium size business owners and high net worth individuals. I have a keen interest in complicated business and tax structures. 

I also have significant experience in complex parenting matters where there are issues of domestic violence, risk to the safety of the client or children, and relocation issues. 

I am committed to assisting my clients to resolve matters in a collaborative and amicable manner, and to the growth of a collaborative approach to resolving Family Law matters in Queensland. I am a board member of the Queensland Association of Collaborative Practitioners. 

I am dedicated to assisting my clients to avoid unnecessary conflict, feel empowered and rebuild their lives in the way they would like.     


Erin Shaw - Brisbane Family Lawyer

Erin Shaw

Originally from Sydney, where I spent the early years of my legal career, I am a resolution-focussed family lawyer based in Brisbane CBD. 

My background is in complex litigation for high net worth clients. Having completed my Masters in Family Law, I have a particular focus on complex financial disputes, including property settlement and spouse maintenance issues. I also have extensive experience in complex parenting matters, including parental alienation issues and children with unique needs.

As a collaboratively-trained lawyer, I encourage my clients to take a positive approach towards problem-solving and to focus on reaching a resolution with dignity and ownership.

There are many pathways to reach an agreed resolution, including collaboration, negotiation, round-table conferences and mediation. Whilst the majority of my clients are able to resolve their family law issues via these methods, there are cases where litigation is necessary. Even when my client’s dispute is occurring in the litigation arena, my approach remains positive and pragmatic.  

I provide thorough, strategic and realistic legal advice in a positive, efficient, cost-effective and friendly way, and I consider it a privilege to guide my clients through such a challenging part of their lives.