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We pride ourselves on efficiency, integrity and transparency.

The fees for our family law services are structured by a combination of fixed-fees and an hourly rate, meaning that certain parts of work we do for you will be charged at a fixed fee (i.e. a set fee), whilst other parts will be charged on an hourly rate. In our experience, we find that our clients prefer this “combination” model.

Even before you engage us, we provide you with a realistic, tailored estimate of fees from the start to finish of your case, including our fixed fee “menu” for our family law services. Each month we provide you with a detailed break-down of our fees for the next stage of work in your case, including the fixed fee aspects. This provides you with the ability to control and budget your legal fees.

We offer a fixed fee for your first appointment with us.

“The total amount I paid for my case was very fair and reasonable. There was no overcharging. I was always informed of costs before they were incurred and was given me plenty of notice before funds needed to be paid. I would 100% recommend the O’Reilly Shaw Lawyers team.”

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